Happy new year! Starting the year with some Dassai 39! Not my usual breakfast 😅
Let’s rock 2019! 🤘

Also if you are into Nihonshu, I worked a bit in 2018 on a service for a company in Osaka called Sakelogy.com which will provide a great knowledge service for sake. In Japanese and in English. Bookmark it!

#alcoolismepasordinnaire ;-)


2019-01-01 12:00:39 Post ID : 181600088189

Christmas decoration peak at Ohayo Studio!

I almost never talk about my work here but I am currently developing a service to help at a specific task.

Managing the equipment inside a sport club can get messy really quick. Members contact the person in charge through sms, fb, email, pigeon post, phone, fax(!?) and it is really hard to keep track of who ordered that pink cycling jersey in small size and also wait? did they pay? Yes, they said they did, but…

Well, you got the picture. With teams growing this task becomes a nightmare for the poor soul designated to manage this.
MyKit intends to fix this problem. In one place, a member will be able to see if this « women running jersey in medium size » is in stock, order it, and see their orders history.
The person in charge will be able to see instantly how the stock are, who ordered what and the status of each order.

Also they will be able to export easily at a chosen format the next batch order to the maker/vendor of their choice.

If you think that such a service could help your club, please don’t hesitate to subscribe following the link in my profile.

I will open an alpha version to a selection of clubs around February.
The idea will be then to tune the service in order to provide a best possible experience for a non glamorous task.
Service will be available in English and French from the start. 🎽

#sport #club #equipment #gear

(at Ohayo Studio)


2018-12-22 18:10:49 Post ID : 181316132079

Unfortunately shattered one of my @joeyroth ceramic speakers a couple of years ago, finally adding a last touch to my ugly fix.
Worst try at kintsugi ever but at least it is shinning 😅 (at 青島)


2017-11-11 16:19:13 Post ID : 167366864199

Let’s try to give a new life to this old boy, macbook pro 2010, with a switch to ssd and new thermal grease. Not sure it is worth it but hey.


2017-10-21 15:16:55 Post ID : 166629591134

Received a new “work” tool as a gift. #LH mug. #LeHavre #boujou

「Boujou」はル・アーブル/ノルマンディの方言です。昔にbonjour「こんにちは」から来ました。意味が変わって、今「まてね」て言う事でもよく使えます。 (at Le Havre, France)


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Being watched while programming.
#pairprogramming (?) (And this is my yearly participation to cats web domination) (at Montivilliers)


2017-06-02 18:59:34 Post ID : 161348272344

In 2015 a friend offered me this #ukulele kit. A couple of weeks ago I finally started to slowly assemble it. During the first steps I was watching a video on youtube about 80’s #bmx that reminded me of my #raleigh #burner and so, I went for such a design :-) まりちゃん、ありがとうございました。ついに組み合わせた!お待たせしました〜
#ウクレレ (at Ohayo Studio)


2017-04-01 13:41:20 Post ID : 159062388424

I bought a drill. This is a pretty huge step into my life. 😅😬🛠#diyproject #destrousdepremiereclasse


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Ten Bullets, By Tom Sachs from Tom Sachs on Vimeo.


2017-03-10 23:39:49 Post ID : 158230608764

This is the first straw bale house in the making I’ve seen in Japan. They used the structure of a kominka (old japanese house), rebuilt it and so, used straw bales for the walls. The straw bales are made of a kind of reeds found in Kumamoto.
It is also a small bakery using natural stuff 👍🏻 (Neighbour of Zeal, café/restaurant) (at 天空カフェジール)


2017-02-19 17:45:24 Post ID : 157432009144

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