View from Techno Arc restaurant. #Matsue (at テクノアークしまね)


2015-05-29 11:50:41 Post ID : 120155266174

Packing for our move to Matsue next week has started. Emptied the drawers, keeping only the necessary on the desk to work until then. #tottori to #shimane :-)


2015-05-17 15:55:03 Post ID : 119171932679

New office in Techno Arc, Matsue. Call it mininal for now 😀 #bbank (at Business Bank Group, Matsue)


2015-05-14 11:18:10 Post ID : 118911860019

Today’s office : Matsue, Ruby Association, Open Source Lab. (And having mushizushi for lunch:-) (at 松江オープンソースラボ)


2015-03-13 12:38:52 Post ID : 113484467534

I am now part of a new company, Business Bank Group as a software developer, I will still work from home until a new office open in Matsue city during this year, probably in late spring. After 5 years as a freelancer it is an interesting new challenge for me!

For the geeks : the dev. stack is based at the moment on Ruby on Rails and Angular.

 Also if you know a UX/UI specialist, we are recruiting!


2015-01-31 23:41:00 Post ID : 109673226109

I did not bring the good shoes for this Tokyo trip… Also my already few visits to AQ’s office will be even more less from now as I am going to take a new job. More on that later ;-) (at AQ)


2015-01-30 09:18:07 Post ID : 109530306954

Latest addition to the desk. Vox pathfinder 10W 10th anniversary red version. A guitar solo once in a while improves programming productivity by magnitudes *research* said. 😁🎸🎶 (guitare yamaha super flighter 500, not mine unfortunately) (at Ohayo Studio)


2014-12-24 11:46:06 Post ID : 106017596809

Today’s office!


2014-12-13 16:49:50 Post ID : 105072957499


Jérôme Sadou by Gueorgui Tcherednitchenko.

Jérôme is a software developer and owner of Ohayo Studio, a triathlete, and a resident of Tottori. I first took a picture of him back when I had just started using the view camera, and he was in one of my accidental double exposures. I was hoping for a chance to shoot him again ever since, and the chance came up during his recent visit to Tokyo.

I repurposed a meeting room at the office as an improvised natural light studio — it has big windows letting in a lot of light, and a flat color wall. Perfect!


2014-12-09 10:24:25 Post ID : 104718339499

今日は松江にいます。#RubyWorld Conference 2014 (at RubyWorld Conference 2014)


2014-11-14 10:14:58 Post ID : 102572243189

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