New office in Techno Arc, Matsue. Call it mininal for now 😀 #bbank (at Business Bank Group, Matsue)


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Today’s office : Matsue, Ruby Association, Open Source Lab. (And having mushizushi for lunch:-) (at 松江オープンソースラボ)


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I am now part of a new company, Business Bank Group as a software developer, I will still work from home until a new office open in Matsue city during this year, probably in late spring. After 5 years as a freelancer it is an interesting new challenge for me!

For the geeks : the dev. stack is based at the moment on Ruby on Rails and Angular.

 Also if you know a UX/UI specialist, we are recruiting!


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I did not bring the good shoes for this Tokyo trip… Also my already few visits to AQ’s office will be even more less from now as I am going to take a new job. More on that later ;-) (at AQ)


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Latest addition to the desk. Vox pathfinder 10W 10th anniversary red version. A guitar solo once in a while improves programming productivity by magnitudes *research* said. 😁🎸🎶 (guitare yamaha super flighter 500, not mine unfortunately) (at Ohayo Studio)


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Today’s office!


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Jérôme Sadou by Gueorgui Tcherednitchenko.

Jérôme is a software developer and owner of Ohayo Studio, a triathlete, and a resident of Tottori. I first took a picture of him back when I had just started using the view camera, and he was in one of my accidental double exposures. I was hoping for a chance to shoot him again ever since, and the chance came up during his recent visit to Tokyo.

I repurposed a meeting room at the office as an improvised natural light studio — it has big windows letting in a lot of light, and a flat color wall. Perfect!


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今日は松江にいます。#RubyWorld Conference 2014 (at RubyWorld Conference 2014)


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Nodejs fun test on #microview #arduino thanks to oled-js and johnny-five libs (at Ohayo Studio)


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'Artist Link Exhibition' in Tottori City -

Today was the opening of an art event, ‘Artist Link Exhibition’ grouping five artists. The common denominator is that each artist has an handicap.

I helped high-school artist Ishida Shougo under the art direction of Okano Motofusa.

Ishida kun is a ceramic artist with the particularity of being blind.
[Vice-Governor of Tottori Hayashi San was here for the Opening. I had not met him since when I was working for the Eco-tourism International Conference last year.]

Ishida kun produced a number of different ceramic objects including Keys to Space Gates(!), Ocha bowls in his own style and 12 speakers.

From the speakers we can hear a piano piece composed by Kikuti Himoko in collaboration with Ishida kun.

Then to add some interactivity to the show under direction of Motofusa San, I built a simple web application :

Visitors from their smartphones visit a url. The interface is like a remote control of 12 buttons. Each button is linked to a sound selected by Ishida kun.

When a visitor taps a button the sound comes out not from their own smartphone but directly from the ceramic speakers in the room.

Yes, if many people do the same at the same time it becomes a funny cacophony :-)

For the developers among you : the application uses node.js + express and and is hosted on heroku.

The visitors reach a url and it acts like a real time chat service sending orders to the server. This one sends then orders to an other url that plays the audio files, taking advantage of HTML5 audio api. There is also an appcache manifest so that the mp3 files can play instantly.

We have a computer running non stop this ‘player’ page on site connected to the speakers.

Actually anyone in the world can use the remote control web app and produce sounds in the event room.

I will make the github code public later. It’s nothing really difficult and I used as a base a chat service example running on node. That was a fun project for me to try something a bit different than usual.

It was also fun to see people playing with it.

Thanks to Motofusa San who gave me the opportunity to participate to the project and offering me one of his cute LaoLao.

As I am also regularly working on / and for the NPO GADAGO which is dedicated to arts, I am quite pleased for once to be on the side of the artist :-)

The event takes place in Rika Hall in Tottori City from today to November the 3rd.

Opening : 9:00 - 17:00

Closed on 10/27

Other artists present painting, a dance performance and two 3D installation.

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