Work of the day : shooting! Now at Tottori Hanakairo flower park for the Ecotourism trial tour of the day. (at とっとり花回廊)


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Oh! I received some goodies from Gadago Npo. I am working for them also on and Thanks for the tenugui and stickers! ありがとうございます!嬉しいです! (at Ohayo Studio)


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International Ecotourism Conference 2013 in Tottori -

I’ve been working on the renewal of the homepage for the International Ecotourism Conference 2013 in Tottori. The backend is using MODX a CMS. That was a first for me. I am not used to use CMS but rather build my own (simpler ones but doing what I need only), so it felt kind of heavy to use at first…but well it did the job. As for the front-end I am using as you can see Bootstrap.
There are still few things to polish but we had to make it public now.
Also the site is available in 3 languages JP/EN/KO. Thanks to my co-workers for the help!

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Wanted to go for an early swim in the sea but it’s not goong to happen this morning… (at 泊の海)


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Working as a *content producer* -

An article mainly about the work I do for the Ecotourism Office in Tottori :

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New design for the Int. Eco. Conf. 2013 in Tottori -

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Battlefield!! (at Ohayo Studio)


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An other hard day at work. Today is the media tour with TVs/newspapers. Even more fun later #teasing


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NHK and Digital Hollywood -

Today we went at the NHK studio to record a short promotion spot that will be aired on next week, Fri. 31th. That was my second time in a TV studio [I saw the shooting of a Takeshi Kitano TV show 5 years ago]. This one was very small with few staff. Actually the camera was even remotely controlled by someone based like 100km from the studio! The announcer was directing with him through headphone/mic which was a bit weird as we could not hear him but see the camera moving…

NHK Studio in Yonago

Then after we quickly stop by the Digital Hollywood office just at the next building. One of their student created the logo we are using for the Ecotourism International Conference 2013


Nice Office, and maybe some stuff to explore with them on the dev. side of my work. Who knows?

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New Google Maps -

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