Non exhaustive list of works done :

  • Homepages (custom, based on Wordpress, or Tumblr API or Jekyll)
  • Custom CMS
  • Widgets
  • Campaign System / Online Contest Engine
  • Twitter Monitoring tools
  • User database, creation and management
  • Custom Analytics Tools
  • Development of APIs
  • Administration Interface [Create/Read/Update/Delete Data]
  • Back-end for iPhone/Android apps. (Server side APIs)
  • Implementation of Oauth server
  • Social media integration : Consumer of any APIs through Oauth 1 or 2 (Ex : Google Maps, G+, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare etc..)

Technical skills / used tools :

  • Back-end languages: Ruby, Php, Python
  • Back-end frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Zend, Symfony
  • Front-end: Javascript, HTML5, CSS3
  • Front-end libraries: jQuery, D3.js
  • Front end framework: AngularJS, Bootstrap
  • Front-end tools: Sass, less, slim, haml
  • Scaffolding: Yeoman
  • Build Systems: Grunt, Gulp
  • Packet managers: npm, bower, bundler, composer
  • Mobile App framework: phoneGap, Ionic
  • Database: MySQl, PostgreSQL, redis, MongoDB
  • Versionning: Git, Svn
  • Tools: Github, Subversion
  • Agile methodology with Atlassian tools (Jira, Crucible, Confluence)
  • Continuous Integration: CircleCI

You can find more technical details on my Linkedin profile page.